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  1. What is Mozaic TV+?
    1. Mozaic TV+ is a 3 in 1 Family service package which offers you landline, Broadband internet and TV channels subscription. Our Mozaic TV+ comes with two broadband speed options of 1Mbps & 2Mbps that you can choose from, in addition to a basic package of blockbuster Movies, Sports, News, Kids and a wide range of premium TV channels packages like Family, Movies, Al-Jazeera Sports Plus, OSN and much more.
    2. Mozaic TV+ basic subscription costs QR250/month for the 1Mbps broadband speed and QR350/month for the 2Mbps broadband speed and it comes with the basic TV channels package in each. While our premium TV channel packages start from QR25/month per package.
    3. To know more about packages, click here.
  2. How to subscribe to Mozaic TV+?
    1. You can subscribe to Mozaic TV+ service by visiting any Qtel Shop, Starlink store or calling 111.
  3. How will I get my Mozaic TV+ installed?
    1. After subscribing to the service, you will receive an SMS with your application reference number and installation date. After the installation is completed, you will receive a call from Customer Care to make sure that you are satisfied and that the service is working properly.
  4. How can I terminate my Mozaic TV+ subscription?
    1. Simply visit any Qtel shop and ask to have your service terminated. You will be asked to clear all pending payments.
  5. Can I Create a favorites List on Mozaic TV?
    1. Yes you can by following these steps:
      1. Press MENU and Navigate to Favorite, then Press OK
      2. You will be prompted to name your favorite list. Use the on-screen keyboard to name your favorite list, then select Done.
      3. The favorites menu will appear on the screen. Channels will be all selected by default by showing a Green Arrow  next to each.
      4. Select channels which you do not want to include in the favorite list by clicking OK next to each and a red will show next to the unselected channels.
      5. Save and Exit.
  6. How can I enable Parental Control on Mozaic TV?
    1. Press MENU, use the Up down arrow keys to select Parental Controls.
    2. On Parental Controls Menu, use the arrow keys to select Low, Medium or High or Disable settings.
    3. When prompted for your PIN, enter it.
    4. Save settings.
  7. How to upgrade my internet speed with Mozaic TV+?
    1. Mozaic TV+ service has two broadband internet speed options of 1Mbps and 2Mbps. If you are subscribed to the 1Mbps option, you can simply call 111 to upgrade to the 2Mbps option.
  8. How can I Check my assigned Mozaic TV packages?
    1. Simply call 111.
  9. How to shift my Mozaic TV+ service to a new address?
    1. By visiting any Qtel shop. You will be required to provide the new address.


More than 160 TV channels for your viewing pleasure
Two broadband speed options: 1Mbps & 2Mbps
Home telephone
Free service installation
2 months subscription for free for 1Mbps speed
QR 500 discount on Mozaic TV+ 2Mbps speed
Free WiFi Router
1 affordable monthly bill
No external cables
No dish installation
From ONLY QR250/month
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